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  • USC Roski Art and Design Highest Priorities Fund more info Give
    This fund provides USC Roski the best resources and addresses the school’s immediate needs such as updating our facilities or furnishing studios with state-of-the-art equipment across our three campuses. Amongst those key priorities is the renovation and furnishing of the USC Roski School Senior Studios (IFT) which will provide undergraduate BFA seniors with a permanent space for their final year at USC to create work in their field.
  • USC Roski Emergency Student Fund more info Give
    This fund provides undergraduate and graduate students who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties and provides students with the financial stability they need to continue pursuing their degrees during these unforeseen challenges. The need can include everyday living expenses related to housing, food security, job loss, medical expenses, school supplies, and other hardships unique to art and design students.
  • USC Roski Graduate Scholarship Fund more info Give
    Graduate scholarships help USC Roski recruit and retain the best scholars, artists and designers and allows them to thrive. Support is needed for our MFA and MA candidates as they develop important practices and focus on their future as leaders in the art and design fields, creating impact throughout the world.
  • USC Roski Scholarship Fund more info Give
    This fund provides scholarships aiding students with financial assistance to provide them with a world-class education and opportunities beyond the classroom like travel study tours, teaching assistant positions, and post-graduate work-study. With over 350 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in our school, 80% of USC Roski students receive financial aid or scholarships.
  • USC Roski Student Travel Fund more info Give
    No student should have to deny themselves the learning opportunities that academic travel can provide due to lack of funds. The USC Roski Student Travel Fund helps to make sure that USC Roski students can travel the world and learn first hand in the creative spaces that can define their future.
  • USC Roski Technology Fund more info Give
    Technology and the tools needed for art and design are constantly changing. This endowed fund creates a steady stream of support to continually update the resources necessary for USC Roski students to excel. This allows for work to take place in innovative ways, and better prepares them for successful careers after USC.


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